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HEITZ delivers a turnkey ICF plant to Russia

Once more HEITZ lives up to its reputation as the specialist for the implementation of turnkey EPS plants. Currently we are supplying a turnkey plant for the production of ICF elements (Insulated Concrete Forms), ceiling resp. flat roof and roof elements as well as shape moulded insulation panels to Russia. The delivery of the plant, which includes at its basic version two shape moulding machines, takes place in six partial shipments by mega trucks.

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HEITZ Archimed Shape moulding machines

The latest HEITZ EPS shape moulding machine series

We have found the point

For "The" machine, that makes shape moulding highly profitable again




  • Lowest energy consumption

  • Fastest movements
  • Shortest cycle times
  • Machine footprint extremely small


All machine movements including handling robot are controlled by electric servo motors - no hydraulics - no pneumatics

  • Never more than 750 W (0.75) required at one-time in action
  • All movements virtually silent
  • 4-point locking of moving table on outer edges
  • Locking forces way above demand
  • Chest back plates in special plastic - nearly without any energy consumption
  • High-tech de-moulding, tools without mechanial ejectors - minimum air consumption
  • Existing tools usable
  • Machine footprint extremely small

More informations regarding the latest machine series HEITZ Archimed you'll find here at the brochure.

HEITZ HC 2710 plastificated covings 2500 mm length

HEITZ is breaking new grounds with covings. With the machine HEITZ HC 2710 we have supplied for the first time a shape moulding machine for production of plastificated covings with a length of 2500 mm.

By the special machine and mould technology we guarantee for the best possible surface finish of your covings. No matter if plane surface or decor surface - with our technology your always one step ahead to your competitors. You are setting the benchmark for the surface finish and product length.

By the way, if covings with standard surface without plastification are required, just exchange the mould insert at the decor side. The machine technolgy is flexible for both, standard products and products with plastification.

More informations regarding the machine series HEITZ HC you'll find here.

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Power supply as container unit

For the power supply of your plant HEITZ offers you turn-key, transportable container units. Hereby we complete our wide-ranging plant engineering product portfolio.



More informations you'll find in the following link container unit.

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