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HEITZ HDVS Batch Preexpanders - Everthing about our batch preexpanders


Shape moulding:

HEITZ ARCHIMED - The latest HEITZ, lowest energy consumption, fastest movements, shortest cycle times and extremely small footprint

HEITZ HS - The flexible HEITZ, for extension of steam chamber without loss of stroke

HEITZ HFS - The strongest HEITZ, for extended stroke and bigger dimensions in proven technology

HEITZ HS INCENTIVE - The HEITZ allrounder, for several mould systems and dimensions

HEITZ HZ - The HEITZ with pull, optimized for handling robots and stacking

HEITZ Machine dimensions


Decoration technology:

HEITZ HC - Shape moulding machines for covings and rosettes with plastificated surface

HEITZ H Dpla 04  - Shape moulding machines for ceiling tiles and rosettes with plastificated surface, 4 cavities


Insulation panels shape moulded:

HEITZ HPL 6 4212 - Shape moulding machines for insulation and perimeter panels, 6 cavities

HEITZ HZ - The HEITZ with pull, optimized for handling robots and stacking


ICF Building Technology:

HEITZ HBB 1412 - Shape moulding machines for ICF Technology with maximum productivity and maximum automation

HEITZ ICF Technology - The brochure with all infos about the ICF building system


PE Thermoforming:

HEITZ HOZ - The free walk-in HEITZ, optimized for inlay of inserts at PE thermoforming

HEITZ HOZ DUO - The double free walk-in HEITZ with two fixed tables, optimized for inlay of inserts at PE Thermoforming



HEITZ Machine dimensions

HEITZ General brochure