Power supply as container unit

For the power supply of your plant HEITZ offers you turn-key, transportable container units. Hereby we complete our wide-ranging plant engineering product portfolio.




To ensure the best possible operator convenience, operational reliability as well as space-saving and compact solution we've designed this container unit from A to Z and built it turn-key.


With this technology you're able to provide your energy supply self-contained, no space in your workshop is required. This in any climatic conditions because of the perfect insulation and cladding of all outer surfaces (bottom area/walls/slab).


This unit consists of 2 containers, the internal dimensions are approx. 11.800 x 2.850 x 2.700 mm each. The containers are screwed together at the longitudinal side, all pipings are installed. At the parting plane between the containers all pipings are connected with flanges, only the containers and the pipings have to be disconnected for transportation.


The piping is made as following:

  • Steam- and condensat pipings as well as the connection between sump bottom tank and water cooling system in welded design, coated and insulated

  • Air - and water pipings in galvanized design with screwed fittings

The energy supply consists of 5 major segments:

  1. Water treatment module for softening and water service module with partial degassing plus chemical conditioning and preheating of the feed water

  2. Steam boiler (2.000 kg/h) as single flame tube smoke tube boiler with 3-pass technology

  3. Steam accumulator (10.000 lit); shown in the picture on the right side

  4. Rotary screw compressor (45 kW)

  5. Water cooling system made of PP as a 3 compartment tank incl. 2 pressure tanks ( each 2.000 lit) for storage of warm and cold water, cold water (approx. 25 °C) for the dip condensor and the vacuum pumps and warm water (approx. 55 °C) for cooling of the moulds; shown in the picture on the left side

The cooling tower (plastic version) is installed on top of the container.


The sump bottom tank (optionally made of PP) for acceptance of the condensate backflow from the machines is installed in the workshop as a customer request.


The pressure tank (6.000 lit) for storage of compressed air is installed in the workshop as a customer request.


Only the electrical connection, the connection to the local water supply mains and the connection of the flanges of the container piping with the piping of the workshop is required.



Feel free to contact us, we are happy to advise you.