Assembly of Ceiling Elements

The assembly of the ceiling elements is effected without additionally supporting beams between the elements that have to be assembled before. The EPS elements with sheet metal inserts are assembled with tongue and groove closely slotted, that's all. For this no crane is required, the elements are to be handeld manually without difficulties.

Up to 100 m² ceiling incl. reinforcement are to be layed in one hour by one worker. The elements are directly walkable up to 4 m span.

For walking on spans larger than 4 m and for placing of concrete the elements are supported from the rear side just as conventionel systems.

Take a look at the following pictures for more information. You can watch the pictures as a gallery or you may click from picture to picture.

Preparation of ceiling elements

Lifting of ceiling element

Lifting of ceiling element

Lifting of ceiling element

Alignment of ceiling element

View assembled ceiling elements

Top view assembled ceiling elements

Side view assembled ceiling elements

HEITZ Ceiling Elements (Styropor® and Neopor®)

Assembled with sheet metal profils, equipped with reinforcement bar, reinforcement steel mesh and batten.

HEITZ Ceiling Element step continuous production

With inmoulded sheet metal profils