Picture : "Styromatic", the first fully automatic EPS moulding machine

1905 Friedrich Heitz resolved his employment contract with Carl Benz and found the “Handwerksbetrieb” Friedrich Heitz Modellbau in a suburb of Mannheim. In the following years HEITZ established as a pattern maker producing moulds as a contract partner and client for his former employer.

Already in the twenties, after the First World War, the company employed 25 employees.

In 1943 the company almost entirely relocated, after being repeatedly bombed out, from Mannheim to Grünstadt and transformed into the E. A. Heitz oHG. Named after the managing son of the founding father Ernst Albert.

After the end of the Second World War HEITZ focused on its core business, the mould-making and supplied foundries around the globe with special patterns, casting-dies and foundry equipment.

With the introduction of expandable polystyrene (EPS) of BASF Ludwigshafen in the early 50’s turned its field of activity step by step to machines, moulds and auxiliary equipment for EPS and EPP. During this time HEITZ acquired its position as pioneer in the EPS development.

The world’s very first fully automatic molding machine for EPS was built by HEITZ in 1957 for a British customer. Thus, HEITZ developed gradually into a machine and system manufacturer for plastics processing, whereas the since 1905 existing mold-making department is still an important part of the field of activity.

In the course of further development of the molding machines we produce also since the 70’s free walk-in resin casting machines, mainly used to produce medium- and high-voltage insulators.

Till today HEITZ pushes the development constantly. Over the years the company made a name for itself as a problem solver. Many of the special purpose machines are developed in close cooperation with our customers to meet the high requirements.

Furthermore HEITZ has complemented its product range with planning and implementation of turn-key plants. HEITZ supplies worlwide your customized turn-key production plant.

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