Shape moulding machines for processing of EPS

HEITZ has got a wide range of shape moulding machines for processing of EPS. We supply standard machines and machines, based on standard machines, detailed matched with your requirements.

Together with our customers we are developing the optimal machine configuration, always with the focus to provide the most economical and most productive solution. At HEITZ you are always in good hands.


More informations you'll find at the following inks.

HEITZ HS - The flexible HEITZ, for extension of steam chamber without loss of stroke

HEITZ HFS - The strongest HEITZ, for extended stroke and bigger dimensions in proven technology

HEITZ HS INCENTIVE - The HEITZ allrounder, for several mould systems and dimensions

HEITZ HZ - The HEITZ with pull, optimized for handling robots and stacking

HEITZ EVOLUTION - The latest HEITZ, highest energy efficieny and fastest movement

HEITZ moulding machines  With the longest experience – for your advantage