HEITZ Equipment Shape moulding machines

HEITZ has got a large range of equipment to satisfy your requirements and in order to make your shape moulding production more flexible and more economical. HEITZ engineers and technicians can resort to an almost inexhaustible experience base, machine and plant engineering since 1957 (first EPS moulding machine world wide).

HEITZ equipment:

  • stroke extensions
  • central vacuum systems
  • quick mould tool changing system (hoist, pneumatical/mechanical clamping system, trolley)
  • mould tool changing system (hoist and trolley)
  • handling robots and stacking tables
  • underneath handling units
  • conveyor belts, push conveyors
  • spacer frames (extension of steam chambers)
  • spacer rings (extension of steam chambers without loss of stroke)
  • adaptor systems to accept mould tools of different suppliers
  • bigger or additional hoppers
  • rotating filler disk for intermittent filling (EPP)
  • systems for dual density moulding
  • EPS and EPP filler guns
  • plastification for highest surface demands
  • skin moulding
  • modem for online diagnosis
  • internet service modul for visualization of the touch screen surface on the computer monitor

and any other possible equipment.

It may happen that a special equipment you need is not listed. If so, don't hesitate to contact us.


Feel free to contact us, we are happy to advise you.