HEITZ HU-System/modular mould system

HEITZ HU-System and HEITZ modular mould system - an unbeatable duo

The ejection is an essential step in the foaming process. With the selection of the optimal system on the one hand process stability will be assured and on the other hand significant cost savings will be realised.

The HEITZ HU-System is the right choice to achieve these targets. It is simply as well as cost-effective. Video "HEITZ HU-System"

A within the steam chamber located ejector plate (see illustration) actuates the mould-sided ejectors. The ejector plate is activated by big, through the steam chamber back plate driven pistons, which are either actuated by an ejector bar or hydraulic cylinders. These intersections of the back plate can be sealed permanently without any problems. By this time and cost-intensive sealing of every single ejector intersection in the back plate can be omitted.

A main aspect of the HEITZ HU-System is the standard back plate that can be assigned to every machine size. In this system is only one back plate needed for all moulds which means that important setting-up times while mould change and investment costs can be significantly reduced. Only the moulds with the integrated ejectors are changed.

Together with the HEITZ modular mould system this results in an unbeatable fast, flexible and cost-effective system. The modular mould system is based upon the grid dimension 670 x 470 mm. The outcome of this are 5 standard machine sizes with interchangeable tool sizes. This allows you a flexible, efficient and cost-effective machine utilisation. Within the single modules individual cavities can be used.

Modular HEITZ machine dimensions based upon the grid dimension 670 x 470 mm (604):

  •   604
  •   906 (= 2 x 604)
  • 1406 (= 3 x 604)
  • 1309 (= 4 x 604)
  • 1906 (= 4 x 604)

Other machine dimensions are of course available.

More informations about HEITZ machine dimensions and the modular mould system you'll find in the following leaflet "HEITZ machine dimensions" and in the diagramm "HEITZ Modular mould system".

Leaflet "HEITZ machine dimensions" and diagramm "HEITZ Modular mould system"